Emailer Tool – New Features in Assemblage 2.0

March 13, 2014 at 2:23 pm Leave a comment

Emailer Tool Enhancement

In addition to the changes described in our Assemblage 2.0 has arrived article, the Assemblage Emailer tool now allows you to specify Cc and Bcc recipients.

3-13-2014 2-16-36 PM

This may be very handy for some of you who wish to differentiate between the recipient and the additional recipient who receives the emails.

In addition, BCC will allow you to have the emails be copied to an internal email address (i.e. for compliance tracking), without the recipients seeing the extra recipient.

If you need assistance in reconfiguring the tool, email

Tools > Enable Edit Menu is More Robust

Particularly with regards to the Emailer Tool, it was hard to determine what values some of the queries would result in.  For example, if Assemblage was involved in looking up the “Dear” field from your CRM, it was not clear what value would be present in the Email body.  The old method was to select “Tools > Enable Edit Mode” and follow a lengthy procedure:

1)      Highlight the item from the list

2)      Select the Extractor you wish to investigate

3)      Select the “Edit” button

4)      Check the result

5)      Repeat for all items

3-13-2014 2-18-28 PM









The new method is much simpler.  You will still need to select “Tools > Enable Edit Mode”, and highlight the specific item from the list.  However, Assemblage now includes the results in the Extractor list:

3-13-2014 2-20-18 PM


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